Shihad - Home Again

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She asks when I'll be, home again.
If I could see those eyes,
I know they cut me down to size.
You're not here, when I need you.

So sit, and wait, and bend, and break.
The rise, and fall, just you, that's all.
I'm here, you're there, don't mean, I don't care.
I'm so sorry, I was miles away.

It's been a day of, tiny triumphs,
it's been a week spent in despair.
You can't send it, down a phone line,
I do my best, but I'm not there.

She sleep, and wake, and dream up your fate,
and rise and fall, watch you, grow tall.
I'm here, you're there, but you should know I still loved you,
when I'm, miles away.

I'll be home again,
I'll be home again,
Comin' home again.
I'm comin' home again
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Author: Karl Kippenberger

Composer: ?

Publisher: Wildside Records


Released in: 1996

Language: English

Appearing on: Shihad (1997) , Pacifier Live (2003)

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