Sherri Youngward

Sherri Youngward - Broadway guitar chord

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Sherri Youngward
CD: Faces Memories Places
5 Minute Walk Music

Song: Broadway

D2			   F
Silently she watches As the cars go by
           D2		                F
The minutes turn to hours And she tries not to cry
     D2			           F
It seems no one remembered To come take her home
	C2			D2
It's been years now Still she waits alone

D2			   F
A young boy begs for money On the corner of the street
D2			   F
I see him almost everyday but our eyes never meet
    D2				C2
 I wonder where you came from I wonder where you'll go
    G			         D2
I wonder if you disappeared If anyone would know

	     D2		    C2
You were hungry You were thirsty
	     G	          D
You were lonely And afraid
You were crying And no one heard you
	     G		     D2
You were dying and no one came

   D2		             F
I'll never forget you Your face is etched in my mind
        D2			                F
You held out your hand And I just tossed you a dime
D2			                F
Sitting on the sidewalk With those eyes so blue
	     C2				            D
 I'd give anything for another chance Just to talk to you

D		     Am7
Father forgive me I know not what I do
	Em		C	    G		D
When I walk through this life When I walk right by you
	D			Am7
These faces and memories, these places I've been
            Em	C	           G            D
Lord, help me to see you when I see them again

(Chorus 3X)

Tabed by Tim Southard
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Language: English

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