Sfa - Unbowed lyrics

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I am a man, as a man I must think freely

I can't believe all I'm told

I try all I can, all I can, but I see clearly

There is no immortal soul

If God is so just, how can he damn me

If He made me who I am

God is a lie and the lie must be wiped out

Man chooses his own fate

They say that Jesus died to take away my sins

No one takes from me, not even Him

They say the Torah is God's law, more laws to keep me down

Krsna says there's karma, what goes around comes around

But i'm a nonbeliever, the biggest sinner you ever met

I sin every day, and I'm not dead yet

I'll fight against your God, I'll fight against his lie

If I must live to please God then I'd rather die
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