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Sex Wing Starfighter - T-16 lyrics

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I've got a weapon that's illegal down below
Get's me Twi'lek ladies, gets me wherever I want to
Go I've just got one issue that's been bothering me
They dress in all white and put a damper on society

We go really fast we can flip upside down
We can hope that those repulsor lifts will keep our asses off the ground
Veer to the left skim a dune to the right
Empire up ahead lets give 'em one hell of a fight

T-16, T-16 (Skyhopper, skyhopper, skyhopper)
T-16, T-16 (Skyhopper, skyhopper, skyhopper)

To all those plastic soldiers who are digging in my dunes
I sing a very different tune by high noon I'm coming after all you
One minded homogenized without variety in
Biology psychology a singular society

With so much diversity in the universe
So many species upon which you exert
An iron ion plasma-fisted genocide mind
If all remains as is then you're gonna find


How can you afford to exclude
Will there be nothing left when the Empire is through
How can you afford to prelude
Progress via regression and a violent attitude

Human beings are going to be left behind
Deceased and artificial is the fate of mankind
So I'm jumpstarting the revolution here at home
With my weapon that's illegal down below

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