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Senim Silla - V For Vesper lyrics

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Burn this bitch down – we gonna light it up

Burn this bitch down – we gonna light it up

Burn this bitch down – we gonna light it up

Burn this bitch down – Burn – It – Down

1st Verse

Kill ‘em all if given the chance – like so many ants

Under my step – I'm bigger than life

Bigger than bush – bigger than crack

Bigger than black, white, jesus christ – turn my mic up

Revolutionary, rebel-radical, running back

Running through your circle – radius (beep)

Real name all is mines – rap alias

Anarchist, atheist, antichrist – rolled into one

Holding a gun – holding ‘em up

Holding my nuts – middle fingers – holding ‘em up too

Fuck law & order, fuck government, fuck media

Fuck church – got a problem with it – fuck you

I got a Nat Turner attitude – flag burning

right in front of 1600 pennsylvania avenue

march on the capitol – knocking over monuments

take it out rushmore – defacing Washington – yeah



2nd verse

My anthem – like Fred Hampton - “I am….a revolutionary”

Keep in the air a fist – forever stretching – Silla

Still repping – still yelling terrorist even after sept 

Even after Ki was questioned – I ain't shook

Fuck a hook, fuck a bush – yeah the son and the father

Thoughts take flight like Japanese on pearl harbor

Upset the set-up – apply the sleeper – guerilla

Tactics strategized in my leisure – discipline of mao 
tse tung

Listening to sun tzu – genius play dumb

Till it's time to raise up – and strike those pillars

Senim Silla – believe I'll get mines like will Williams

If ever hurting – I'll snatch a Murphy

Extreme measures – pulling the skirt off j edgars

Practice anarchy – and find some spare time to make 



3rd Verse

Every verse a bullet shot – vengeance for big and pac

For Malcolm, martin and Marcus – and martyrs I forgot

I'm gonna keep it moving – like piece or peace units

The guns on the cover as a prelude to the shooting

We looting, inciting riots – dry land pirates

We call it sleeper cell – it was either that or 9/11 

We made a vesper promise – to spread the vesper virus

With weaponized knowledge – we paying che homage

Impact the globe – atomic bomb

Fuck a protest – we left them picket signs behind

This is jihad – and I'm throwing grenades in place of 
peace signs

That passive shits over – got a new flame thrower

Eh george I'm ready toÂ….



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