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Scott Brenner - Jesus Youre Everything guitar chord

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			     by : Scott Brenner
     from the 'Touching the Father's Heart' series #23 (Before You Now)
		 Tabbed by : Tim Berg (

Chords :
  D/C#  = x4x232
  Bm    = x24432
  Bm/A  = x04432
  Bb    = x1333x
  Ab    = 466544
  Eb/D  = x5888x
  Eb    = x6888x
  Csus4 = x3556x

Verse 1 :
D            G            A
Lord, you're everything I need
	D       D/C#   Bm   Bm/A
There's nothing more I need
       E                     Asus4    A
You've shined the light from heaven's door
Asus4 A   D       G                A
More  and more, I worship you with tears
	D     D/C#    Bm    Bm/A
They're all I have to give
     E               Asus4    A    Asus4 A
To thank you for the life you gave

Chorus :
Bb            F                    C
Jesus, you're everything that I've ever wanted
    Dm        C       G           Csus4   C
The blood you shed at Calvary has made me clean
       Ab               Eb Eb/D Cm7
You've drawn me back to you
Bb               F                C
And I would give everything to be yours forever
    Dm   C       G                   Csus4  C
The sacrifice of love you shared has set me free
   Ab             Csus4 C
To sail away with you
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