Scarface - N 2 Deep lyrics

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(feat. Compton's Most Wanted)

Geah...wutup niggas
the compton cyco is back
In your shit for the nine-deuce
And check this out
My nigga Scarface is in the motherfuckin house
And we bout to drop some gangsta shit

MC Eiht:

I guess its true what they say,
when your too far gone aint no turning back.
And coming from the Compton mack thats a fuckin fact.
Livin in the city where bitches won't
give up the pussy for free so a nigga don't.
So heres my story. Another story about a nigga
who lives his life by the fuckin trigga.
Gotta get my serve on, nigga you don't hear me though
Throw up the hood, might blast on 5-0.
First I hit the Ides and get pumped up.
Now I'm rollin in the car kinda slumped up.
I pop the glove box, Then I reach the block,
Then I plug your ass in the chest with the glock.
And that's how the shits get done,
I guess I'm a mutherfuckin nigga on the run.
but I wont let them take me alive, so I don't sleep
Cuz, geah, I'm in too deep.


In too deep, aint no turnin back.
Cock up your mutherfuckin gauge...

Mista-Mista Scarface for the nine-deuce,
Niggas pack a nine, fuck you bitch I pack a nine too.
Millimeter Ruger for you hoes who try to flex nuts,
You point your shit, I pull my shit, come nigga now lets check nuts.
Born a hustla, raised a hustla, never gonna stop trick.
Buck a hustla, mutherfucker boy, you better die bitch.
Found myself a busta, had the boy front me an Oz.
Fucked him out his money, worked my way up to a whole key.
Now he's got some niggas trying to ball 'Face
Time to go to work, need some back' better call Eiht.
Call my nigga up, Kicked the fundementals.
2 way ticket 3 o'clock, continental.
Eiht rolled in with the mutherfuckin task force,
Bucked them hoes off, dropped him off at the airport
Niggas don't ever fuck with me cuz I'm a nigga who plays the game for
Drop you on your ass with the quickness, cuz I'm in too deep.

MC Eiht

Geeah, the criminals is in the mutherfuckin house..

Now they got us on the run, but we tired of runnin
Got the glocks all cocked, let the fools keep coming.
Scarface got the mutherfuckin pump under the seat.
So niggas better duck or your ass is fucked. geah.
The mad man with nuthin to lose.
So you better bring your strap or catch the blues.
And um, or get served like a damn clucker,
sucker, or in the end be a short mutherfucker.
Now them one times is all on my back and
heard that Scarface and Eiht peeled the cap and
they wanna gaffle us up. But its a shame.
Can't fade the best from Compton and the mid-west.
So watch your back when the niggas step.
cuz the scene that is left is your whole families death.
And fool don't sleep,
Cuz sorry mutherfucker, we in too deep.

Geah. In your shit for the nine-deuce.
MC Eiht in the mutherfuckin house, and my nigga Scarface and shit.
DJ Slip in mutherfuckin house. And we killin the shit off. Geah
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