S.c.a.l.p. - Till The Clouds Fly lyrics

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[lyrics: Alexey Kuznetsov]

Floating across the sky cloud

Hurrying by light wind

Flying far from the old lakes

Where was born their air life

Long flight too high

Excused from all the cares

Round is only sunlight

And the whistle of free wind

They're looking at green scopes

Of endless dark forests

They're reflecting in mirror waters

Of the virginly clean rivers...

So as the cloud fly

The sun will be shining

So till the cloud fly

The day will replace the night

And my eyes will see the sky

The tunes of my dreams will play

And only the bliss will reign everywhere

If only the clouds float

I'm lying on wet grass

I'm looking at blue sky

I'm seeing the floating clouds

And I'm dreaming to be them

I closed my eyes

I'm trying to fancy

My soul in way

To blissly land of Heaven

And I'm speaking with the clouds

And the clouds wrap me up

And I'm singing the sky song

And the clouds sing together with me
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