S Club 8 (S Club Juniors)

S Club 8 (S Club Juniors) - Wendy lyrics

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Miss Sandford was a health nut
She cooked food in a wok
Mr Renfree was her boyfriend
And he had a great big..........

The rooster wouldn't quit
And I don't want my breakfast
Because it tastes like..........

Shit-zus make good house pets
They're cuddly and sweet
Monkeys aren't good to have
'Cause they like to beat their..........

Meat-ing in the office
They're meeting in the hall
The boss he wants to see you
So you can suck his..........

Balls-ac was a writer
He lived with Alan Funt
Michelle Bevan doesn't like him
But that's 'cause she's a............

Cunt-aminated water
Can really make you sick
Your bladder gets infected
And blood comes out your..........

Dick-tate what I am saying
'Cause it will brink you luck
And if you all don't like it
I don't give a flying f**k!
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