Rye Jehu

Rye Jehu - 3 Calls For Alcohol

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Oh baby tell me what I've done wrong
your eyes do tell me something's going on
Why don't you talk to me
and what have I done that I make you down
One for my baby but three calls for alcohol

You're full of questions
You worry way too much
Don't you get enough affection
Don't you want my love
Did I mistreat you in the dark
and what have I done that I make you bark
One for my baby so three calls for alcohol

Once I said to you
you're pulling up a wall between us
I have to admit that you
keep pulling up too long , for so long
'cause now I'm telling you I leave you

I'm staying up all night
I don't know where I'm going to be
and if the girls don't get me
the liquor surely will

I'm breaking out tonight
no I won't loose my sleep for you
I'd better spend my time
with anyone but you
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Author: Wannes Eggermont, Tim Beuckels, Pieter Van Mullem, Jonas van den Bossche

Composer: ?

Publisher: Keremos


Released in: 2006

Language: English

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