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Ryan Star - Lulla lyrics

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And all you said and done 

Has walked me through your kingdom 

I'll tell you what I see 

I see the difference in everything 

Until my mind has come 

Until your colours run 

I want to be like you 

Perfect in all of the things you do 

I wake up when 

You have said 

I ought to be young 

I want to be free of my head 

And sometimes you remind me of them 

And nothing will take my dreams away 

I believe everything I was told 

I believe that you'll never grow old 

I will tell you the same today 

But I have been given away 

I wanna be bathed 

I wanna be young again 

So take my wish and tell me that 

I never caught you and I never can 

I'll never catch you and I never can 

So take my dreams 

Take them away 

Take my dreams 

And take them away 

I never wanted you 

I never wanted this 

Time to leave again 

Take me away from here 

Take me away from here 

Take me away from here
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