Rudra - I lyrics

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[solo- selvam]

Knowledge frees you, Action binds you
Self Ignorance is Death
The need for a valid means of knowledge
is fulfilled by the shruti
In this razor sharp path of Jnana The words reveal what you are!!!!

Atma Satyam, Jaganmithya Aham Satchitananda swarupa

Names and forms depend on me. The universe shines after me
I am That, That thou art!. All pervading and all knowing am I
The self is all there is. Know this Truth! You are the Truth!
I am Chit, Absolute consciousness. I need no light to illumine me
That which cannot be negated in the three periods of time
Know it to be Satyam

[solo - selvam]

Spaceless and needless. Reducing sorrow to naught
I am Ananda swarupam

"You are the one seer of all and are surely ever free
Indeed this alone is your bondage that you see yourself
Not as the Seer but as something different" [*]

"You have no birth or death, no memory,
no bondage or liberation. Nor have you good or evil.
Why do you weep, oh dear?
Name and form belong neither to you nor to me" [**]

[solo - kannan]

"I am Brahma, I am Vishnu, I am Indra,I am Shiva.
All this I am. There is nothing except my Self" [***]

Know that you are the master and the ageless One
Nothing can enslave you forever!!!!
There is no moksha, neither is there samsara
Know that you are the Ever-Free

Brahma Satyam, Jaganmithya, Jeevo Brahmaiva naparah
Atma Satyam, Jaganmithya, Aham Satchitananda swarupa

[* - Ashtavakra Gita 1:7]
[** - Avadhuta Gita 1:17]
[*** - Vivekachoodamani 388]
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