Royal Hunt

Royal Hunt - The Well lyrics

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Every friend you’ve had, everyone you've lost
Whom you miss the most are disappearing (disappearing)
In a nick of time you can change it all with a single call
And watch them slowly reappearing

Drop a coin into this magic well (magic well)
Make a wish but not just yet
Someone’s heaven could be someone's hell (ah)
So be aware of what you'll get

Every day we die just a little bit
Every heartbeat just brings the very last one closer
You can stop the clock (you can), you can turn the tide (again)
For a little while so hit the brakes, it's been a long ride

Drop a coin into this magic well (magic well)
Make a wish and you will see
Who you were before that final bell
Are you the one you wished to be?

Look inside the well
Look inside the well
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Frontiers Records


Released in: 2010

Language: English

Appearing on: X (2010)

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