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Yeah yeah
Yo! Real loud yo! what what! new sound yo!
What, what! New stash! new stash!
Yeah, Yo (Say what?)

Ey, yo! Listen up when we come and be ready
Call the girls up, cause we came to get busy
We dont need no negative vibes around us
No time for peeps who do not like us
We gonna party to the sun comes up
We continue to party to til sun goes down
Check after the ground to the sound of the beat
Hot women be sitting next to us tendesee
After beem well be crusin, brignin nothing but microfusion
To the peeps who be playahatin
Get some drink instead of dissin us
And let us party to we all drop, no what?

We came here to party (what what)
So come lets get it on (new stash)
Get ready for the celebration
We party to the sun comes up (new stash)
We came here to party (what what)
So come lets get it on (yeah, what)

And when the sun comes up, well still be dancing to the sound
cause you know we came to party, we came to party

Ey, yo! Tu casa es mi casa, enjoy my shit
The spirits spies the fit get ready to outfit
Its the righter dress if you wanna release some stress
Chicas in the night dress the whole boy fat
Eyyo, til the summer ends and well be boomin
Well be groomin, gettin tipsy, playas we suiducin
Spill some tequila do whatever you feela
Shake it down to the ground and just stomp with you feeta
Were gettin crazy the atmosphere way up there
Hands in the air, dont stop, dont stear
Time for some action, pure satisfaction
And after the party yo, we all go relaxing

Chorus x 1


Bridge x 2:

Yeah, what, lets drink some tequila

Chorus x 1

Ey, yo, chica, lets bring some tquila, in mi casa, and drink some tequila
China bonita! (yeah) (what what) can we drink some tequila in me casa?
(New stash) China bonita! (yeah) (new stash) can we drink some tequila? (yeah, what what)Just drink some tequila!
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