R.G.Kooper - To Feel Alive lyrics

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Well, it seems you came from nowhere, but you must be heaven sent
It's amazing how it touches my heart when you just hold my hand
What we went through's showing clearly where we go
This is the kind of love I thought I'd never know

This is really something priceless, so it's worth to give it all
With you every morning's rising is the proof we'll never fall
Since you found me there's no question how to choose
Since you found me I know we won't ever lose

Angels need no wings to fly, to lift you up into their sky
Angels can become so real - when they make you learn again to feel
To feel alive - to feel alive

You leave me breathless with your energy that you put into me
There’s a future that was hidden, but now you could make me see
I can’t imagine how I could handle life before
I can’t imagine being without you anymore

Angels need no wings to fly…
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