R.G.Kooper - Letters From The Past lyrics

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I recover feelings when I read between those lines
They have been written so long, so long ago
In such a different period and in such a different time
I'll never ever be there once more, but one thing's for sure:
I'll keep all those mem'ries 'till I die

Feels like
Travelling in A time machine with your letters from the past
Stories buried deep inside my heart
What we said and what we felt, it's coming back so fast
Going backwards with A time machine, I remember everything again
Right from the start - right from the start

Going through the biggest changes
Doesn't turn us into somebody else
But what made us being as we are n’ as we were
It doesn't change the present days
If we keep on worrying ‘bout different choices in the past
But it's no crime to be dreaming away
Back to those days before life split up our ways

Feels like…
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