R.G.Kooper - Break Out lyrics

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Don't let them tell you what to wear, don't let them tell you what to fear
Don't let them tell you why you're here, coz' they don't know
The dreams they sell never come true, don't be their slave, don't be their
Don't let them tell you what to do or where to go – hell no!

They do not care 'bout you at all, you're just a number, you're just small
They won't even recognize your call if you don't stand up
If your protest ends with your complaints, nothing will change, it will
Stay the same
You'll slowly go insane but they will never stop, so

Break out, break out from yourself
You've got to live loud, raise your fist and yell
Never let it be, keep your head up to be free

If there's the needed open mind, if you ain't deaf and dumb and blind
There are still answers you can find if you don't refuse
So use your brain n’ use your voice, do not be quiet, keep that noise
Be sure it’s not the wrong path you are going to choose and

Break out…
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