Reggie And The Full Effect

Reggie And The Full Effect - L lyrics

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Your lesser breath is killing me
And that's not half a mistake
The straightest point of all like that
Just say it's f**king me

So this is what you thought
I'd never do not if
Not need no not if
Or we don't, yeah we don't, yeah we don't take it
Contemplate us, don't play it God won't help you
You know he just doesn't kill
I'm the alpha, that's how a man goes crazy
Make it so he just doesn't fear

So wipe that stupid grin from your face
It's gonna get you killed
Ain't see you gonna wipe the floor of disgrace
You do exactly what I will

I'm not the smartest tool
In the shed, oh yeah
I've got, personality
To quit the whole god damn everything
You know it, you know it

Show me hatred, I'll show you what I'm thinking
Can't help me covering these sins
Understating, you fell just as I was sinking
Misery came the god's way

I can't help myself
I guess I love you too much
I can't stop myself
I guess I need you too much

Test me! (x9)

Sorry about your lessened freedom
So you didn't feel a thing
I'm not an animal penguin
Just like you with a stain

Now here's the point of waiting and waiting
Oh so long to meet
That's enough, your too much pair I
Know it's freedom

Talk about, how you start reminiscing
It's our that time that it's fake
Talk about, I'm the only one that's leaving
And he thought that he was a fake

I can't help myself
I guess I love you too much
I can't stop myself
I guess I need you too much
It can't end this way
I know we've got to move on
Nothing will make me stay
I pull this string and your gone

Mark that may I
Hate, hate, I
I can't take this
I can't take this
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