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R&b Jones - Why Did You Lie? lyrics

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[Verse R&b Jones]

Do you remember? The first time I noticed you, we knew, we knew, do you remember? The way that I held you? And told you I love you,

Cause I remember, the smell of your sweet perfume how it lingers in my room, and I remember the way it use to be but now it can never be so baby tell me

[Hook R&b Jones]

Why "o" why, why you lie to me? It didn't have to be this way, but now "o" now, now I can see, o how I'm going to miss those days

[Verse 2 Tashay]

Do you remember? The first time that I saw you're smile, I knew right then you was mine, do you remember? When I looked into your eyes, o how I felt like I was in paradise,

Cause I remember, you said you're never lie to me, Cheat on me or hurt me, I remember, the way that use to be, but, but now we can never be so baby tell me.

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