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u dont have 2 cry 4 me,

just make sure that she ride 4 me (x4)

I've been jumped by 10 guys all at the same time

had by eye bust open but i still never cried

but the day, the judge gave my little brother life,

i swear i couldn't stop the tears from falling out my eyes.

I couldn't believe it, my little brothers locked up,

he just turned 17 i swear this world is f**ked up

the judge was rasicst! I dont care what anybody says,

when i see him on road he's gonna breathe his last breath

My dad was mad hurt, he'd just lost a son, thoughts runnin' through his head, how am'i gonna tell him mum?

His girlfreind cried, coming like a river on the ground,

when we told the rest of the family, they all broke down, we all prayed, 

Wished for better days, thinking about the pill, hoping he's ok, but dont worry Jay,

see cause prison aint your fate,

just be patient & wait & be destined for summing great!!


You use 2 walk like me you use 2 talk like me,

if a girl said your to young you tell her she might like me, just like me, 

you wanted 2 learn 2 rap

u never sounded UK, use 2 sound like 2pac,

Your a joker, you always was a soldier, 

Never back down thats exactly what i told ya

i hope your keeping your head up bro, 

& if you need anything just let me no, your my little brother, 

& u no that i love ya

we're from the same semen but got different mother but thats a minor,

your much more than a half

when your imitating dad you use 2 make me laugh,

you use 2 get me vex, when you stole my clothes

but just to let u no that if you were on road

i swear brother, i'd give you my whole wardrobe and thats no lie!


Im saying lord please let my little brother free

& home he's ment to be here with his family

& father i believe things happen for a reason

i no he's done wrong but god i really need him

my family's bleedin, its tearing us apart

he's (?grown on the out??) but got a good heart

now he see's the light, where before he only saw the dark

prepeard to make a change make a brand-new start!

People ask - Why Why Why - He done the things he did, cause just remember he was only a kid

Now he's grown & big, much more mature, smarter, wiser, ready & strong

father open the door & let m brother walk free

if i had 1 wish god thats what it would be

i hear & i see i have faith & i believe

how much longer you gonna let my family grieve?


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