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R.A.P.P. Quelle - My Loose Leafs Kill lyrics

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RRRRR Zuh Zuh Zuh, It's Que Lay Lay
Ha ha, the great reckoning (the great reckoning)
Listen up

Right off the tizzity top
I'm bizzity back
It's rizzity Rapp
Infinity stacks
I'm literally that
Dumb it down dog
They're on basic
Well I'm on glory
They stay on wasted
And remain faceless
Ignorance is bliss
I'm a Stephen King
They are "Zombies in the mist" (in the mist)
And I bang with my glyph
Futuristically ancient
I span with my gift (my gift)
And I am hearing I am it
They shift shape
I remain constant
And you remain non-sense
For dead paper
And that don't make no sense
So how you gone find wealth
When you lost in the paper trail
Can't find self
So you search for support
And you do find shelf
And you ask about R.A.P.P.
Who me I'm well
See I awoke from my spell
To physically manifest what they wished at the well
Musically feces
So I do smell
And forever and a day is how I shall dwell
So gone light another L
I am Ice Cube on "Friday"
You Ezel
You ain't really wanna try me
My loose leafs kill
They ain't never gone deny me
So you be... still

We in a whole nother league, just a lil' something for yall
Da hatin' pickabatin'
It's Que Lay Lay (we in a whole nother league)
Abstract Art... Volume one... Quelle's World
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