Ramallah - Act of faith

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In the dark I can't remember your face
But I can feel them snakes behind my eyes.
You'd probably pick up all of your shit and split
If you had any idea what's in my mind.

Oh, I need a favor, hon'.
I need a mercy done.
I guess I'm counting on your light.
I know I ain't what you thought
But with your help and pity HA!
We can make it alright.

Reach up with all of your light
Make an act of faith and tear out my eyes.

Reach up with all of your faith
Take your mouth off my dick and tear out my eyes.

Can you trust anybody? And do you know for sure?
Do you trust anybody in a world where no one is pure?
Can you trust anybody? And do you dare be sure?
Can you trust anyone? Anything?
Or are you fucking with your eyes shut?
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Reality Records (3)


Released in: 2005

Language: English

Appearing on: Kill a Celebrity (2005)

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