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Rabia Sorda - Methods of Chaos lyrics

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Madness my friend

Play my next note

It seems you´ve waited for long

To carry on

Madness old pal

Keep the shadows from me

And taste the chaos in my mind

Come take me

Sometimes it seems

The world comes to an end

Sometimes pain goes away

But not today

Today it all broke into pieces...

Applauses fade away

Stupid smiles

Good night I have to go

Lights turn off right behind me

Methods of Chaos

You´re all unknown

Hiding in the corners of life

Inside me

Methods of Chaos you make feel all this is only

A waste, I´ll live as long as these fingers move

So I don´t get fucking insane

Methods of Chaos you drove me to this place and left me

All by myself, a forever waits at the end

And a never hunts me, embraces me
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