R. Kelly

R. Kelly - Suicide

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1 - 	I say the easiest thing in the world
	Is to love you
	And the hardest thing in the world
	Is to lose you

Said I tried and tried again to keep you 
But it just ain`t no use
I`m baffled cuz of what went down
See I got your letter so you`re leaving town
Just take one minute to think about
Baby, lets back track on what happened in this house
Now I remember clearly it was a Saturday
I came walkin` in four o`clock in the morning
And I thought you were sleepin` one eye opened
You turned and said to me where the hell you been
Then I turned it around and hollared with some friends drinking
And now I`m sitting here all alone
Wishing you were here to house this home, oh

Say the easiest thing in the world is to love you 
I love you baby
And the hardest thing in the world (So hard) 
Is to lose you (Is to lose you baby)

2 - 	Now I`m sitting here sippin` on things 
	I`m not suppose to (Sittin right here)
	And that ain`t cool (You know that ain`t cool)
	I`ve got to get over losing you

Shattered I can`t believe you`re gone
I`m left in the middle of these four walls
Lying helpless `bout to lose my mind baby
I can`t fathom life without you by my side
Now every night before I go to sleep
I pray to heaven for a better me
Nights I`m up thinkin` and days I`m up dreamin` 
You were at work I was at play
A nigga wanted you and plus his cake
I know I ain`t got no right to say
But I need you to head on back this way
Because I`m sitting here all alone
Wishing you were here to house this home

Repeat 1
Repeat 2

Baby can`t we just moan for love like we used to

Repeat 1
Repeat 2

See, sometimes we men, we can dish it out
But sometimes we men, we can`t take it, hey
So I`m gonna get up out this chair
And catch me a train, and get where you are, hey
Because I love you babe
And i need you 
Right here by my side
Ghetto woman come on home to me
I`m dying sorry and I can`t seem to break free
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment


Released in: 2011

Language: English

Appearing on: R. (1998)

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