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Don't do those things I've done before 'cause you'll regret it at 30 and up
You'll repress it and one day , spit it up
Stayin' out late to worry Ma' and Pa', drinkin' and drivin' , sex w/o sobriety
Go have fun , but never smoke that funny stuff
Don't do those things I've done before 'cause you'll regret it no matter what
Don't judge a man by his color , nor judge a book by it's cover
No more than one lover , murder , that's # 1
The #1 thing not to do is murder and it's not so fucking fun
'Cause the only person you thrill is yourself
Don't cheat and don't steal , karma is real
And what ever you do , don't do those things your forefathers have done
'Cause you'll get nowhere , and nothing=0
0% of 0 =0 , don't be a hero
What goes around , comes around, what goes up , must come down
Don't do this , don't do that, don't ever do that silly crap
Nothing is no one , if that's you choose
You don't need no booze , just believe in me my son
I hope one day you tell your son not to do the things that I have done
What your forefathers have done
'Cause 0% of 0=0 ,DON'T BE A HERO!

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