Poi Dog Pondering

Poi Dog Pondering - U Li La Lu

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You should wear with pride the scars on your skin
They're a map of the adventures and the places you've been
"Praise God," he said lifting his drink.
"And the devil too!" you said with a wink.
Hey Woody Guthrie! Hey Marc Chagall!
There's far too many of you to thank you all
But I wanna talk about the gift that you gave
I'm so happy about the gift that you gave!
(A friend of mine once said....
"If you're ever around when someone dies,
look up and wave, they'll get a big kick out of it.")
If I should die in a car wreck,
may I have Van Morrison on my tape deck
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Author: Frank Orrall

Composer: ?

Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment Inc


Released in: 1990

Language: English

Appearing on: Wishing Like a Mountain and Thinking Like the Sea (1990)

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