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Love Shy (Thinking About You) by Platnum, Music Video and Lyrics

"Love Shy (Thinking About You)" is the second single by Platnum, it will be released after the very successful single "What's It Gonna Be" which was a collaboration with H "Two" O, it is expected to be an album soon.

Platnum are a three-piece bassline vocal group from Manchester, UK, consisting of male vocalist Aaron Evers and female vocalists Mina Poli and Michelle McKenna.

Here's the official video, listen and enjoy.

Platnum - Love Shy (Thinking About You) Lyrics

heya heya heya heya hey,
i'm thinking about you, i'm a love shy baby
got to got to get together be strong
cos our love will be coming and i won't be love shy anymore

verse 1:
sometimes i run when i wanna stay
it's all about life that we're living
i just gotta watch what your scheming
and when i see you i wanna hide
a little afraid of the feeling
one look at you boy and i'm dreaming

and deep inside there's a love calling out your name
but i'm not the kinda boy who thinks its just a game we play
don't think that i don't wanna get involved with you
its all i wanna do won't you try to understand me


verse 2:
try to be patient i know its hard
baby it's worth all the while
with me its a slow kinda style
and when you feel your intentions stray
remember that love is the reason
the good things in life don't come easy

and though i spend a few Saturday nights
on the telephone when i could be touching your face
for me emotion takes a mighty long time
but soon the light will be shining, and i won't be love shy anymore

chorus x2

i've be watching you watching me,
and i know your on it,
i'm a little love shy boy,
so why don't you put your number on this paper,
maybe i will call you later,
i need love i need trust,
anything you got boy its all good,
i like it like that i like it like this,
i know i'm shy boy
but i know you'll like this,
so take my number come on over be my Soulja Boy,
and when you're over
i will show you how you shout it boy.

chorus x 2

Song Information

Released in UK on September 22, 2008 (Digital Download), September 29, 2008 (Physical Release)
Recorded 2008
Length 2:55 (Video Edit)
Label Hard2Beat
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: ?


Language: English

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