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Phil Perry - Sorry I Let You Go lyrics

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I'm sorry

Hello baby goodbye

Really didn't get to sleep last night

Thought of you and what to do

I decided to say goodbye

All the things I've been through

Showing you the years of loving you

I was there when no one cared

So tell me what could I do



Sorry I let you go

Even in my heart you'd always know

That you were the one for me

I can't believe

Sorry I let you go

Winter turns into Spring

I think about all the joy you bring to me

Now you're gone

I write this song

For you to believe in me

I never understand

How your heart can be broken

And I never let you fall

I should've been s better man

Whispered words are unspoken

But now I know I just can't let you go

I'm so sorry baby


Repeat 2 times
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

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Language: English

Appearing on: A Better Man (2015)

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