Perverted (Perverted By Desire)

Perverted (Perverted By Desire) - Tom cat power (katerkracht) lyrics

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we are the sonic horse foundation
this song’s called Tom Cat Power

you can no longer run
you can no longer hide
you can no longer shut your eyes
it’s time to re-sensitize

we fought for one man one vote
we fought for women’s rights
and now that you got it
you value worth nor price

video conference private jet networking people
what you forgot to globalize
is education and health care
environmental law and union rights

bread and games, it’s still the same
to silence the crowd and deafen the wise
western civilization is going down
while nearly everyone’s being televised
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Author: Genis U

Composer: Genis U

Publisher: ?


Language: English

Appearing on: Rope skipping for fireflies (2006)

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