Pale Grey

Pale Grey - Seaside

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The sun paints on the floor
The framework of my ride
My ripple on the shore 
Blend in with the tide
The daylight is blushing
With the heat it imposed
The night is forgiving 
It delays the pause 
I drive my bicycle in the sunlight 
and wind my way along a straight line 
to elude the dry void at the seaside
The seaside
Someone’s sitting in the sand
She’s gazing at me
i saw her before 
we did not agree
it seems she changed her mind
about taking her out
my carrier marries her on my route
then the waves calm down
as the birds around
and the kites stroke the quiet sky
that brightens kids eyes
this monochrome
through which we talk and roam
when the big shining circle forgets to go
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: JauneOrange


Released in: 2013

Language: English

Appearing on: Best Friends (2013)

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