Pain - Greed lyrics

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Destroy society, erase your enemy
For trying to break you down
Shut down, shut up, give in, give up
The only thing that exists in their poisoned mind
I'm not gonna take it anymore
This is my life, I wanna have control
I'm gonna make history
As I'm going on a crusade with my `44

Greed, feel the greed
Greed, taste the greed

He feeds of the other people's misery
The power is his greed
He's trying to play god with your life
But we all can see through
A lot of people have been suffering
And that gives him a kick
Push him against the wall
And let him taste your fist

Greed, feel the greed
Greed, taste the greed

For how long can a man hold his position
Do anything and still get away with it
What makes him so f*cking special
A corrupted man with power as his only friend
Execution is the only justice


Greed, feel the greed
Greed, taste the greed
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: ?


Language: English

Translations: French , Dutch

Appearing on: Pain (1997)

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