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Organized Konfusion - Wwiii lyrics

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Chorus: Pharoahe Monch and Shabaam Sahdeeq (repeat 2X)

Weight of the world on your shoulders gotta hold it up
When the pen's burnin the paper never fold it up
When the plan is set in motion never slow it up
We seize the planet like war then we blow it up

[Pharoahe Monch]
Cleverly beginnin em with synonyms when I went in with homynyms
Extended em out, defendin em with linear raps when enbalmin em
Bendin em back, blendin em with miraculous type
Fuck is up?  Y'all niggaz do like Dracula's bite
Uhh, don't even bother gotta lotta cats who swallow
For dollar raps scholar holla back like a Rawk' wilder
Me get ya hit ya split ya open sit you down
Get you in the ring, sling slang boxing rounds withcha
Snap your bone gristle, Crystal motel
Queens missle pistol-whip you army issue shouldn't fuck witchu
Or get niggaz like Yusef, you're useless
Attack back, smack your whole team toothless
Now welcome to the New York Knicks
Where Averex are the jerseys and the boots are the kicks
Y'all on the dick the way we pose for the flicks
Queens style, Redhook now all in the mix


[Shabaam Sahdeeq]
P, pass the baton, we mashin whatever crew want Sahdeeq
Black on tracks like Dutch flashbacks
Settle the score, make y'all know for sure
That what we, bring to the table your mental'll digest
Put away your forks, can't eat these MC's
Just as, hungry as you, hungry as you
Snatch it our your hand before you bite or chew, we invitin you
To spar, with the likes of this two, got you spillin your brew
Intercept your soundwave, bitch!
Hijack your frequency quick, and bang our shit
Motivated to make it but foes try to block flows
Knock those, crush em like a bag of nachoes
Keep em on they toes, word up, like ballet
You sweet sap suckers get served like cafes
You candy cats melt in my pockets like Milky Ways
Southside, BK hurtin niggaz for days


[SS] Blow it up with incredible landmine rhymes
[PM] Federal crime for sure, THIRD WORLD WAR
[SS] Weight on my back like Atlas, our tactics
to hem em like denim and pin they back to the canvas
[PM] Yo, who want this, who want nu-ttin but conflict
Blow up they barracks with a C-4 brick
[SS] WE MOVE SWIFT, so you better react quick AND
watch your nugget 'fore we launch these hits

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