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Organized Konfusion - To The Essence lyrics

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We all come united as one, revel in

the brethern, the medicine men

lock a big piece down straight severin

Never settlin for less like a veteran

Then react to our built format

'Til death play its part and we transform back

To the essence until then our presence is all that

We seizin 40 acres right the fuck off the map

[Verse One]

(Now who's the first incision it's an interlocked position) Indeed!

Flexin a lie, spittin and switchin on positions

Coverin the strong safety, bubblin in Macy's

Lacin tracks by Niq, the antidote is complete

The bass like the chisel, crash the walls of the Jeep

Delight in personnel as they romp in the street

Intent is to bend, non-understandin in those that peep

Automatic is static across the beat

[Verse Two: Pharoahe Monch]

With vintage fortified material antiques for lyrical

Shit I can feel the vibe inside my soul like a spiritual sermon

Never difficult to determine, examine

My verbal prognosis easily equals that of a blast from a cannon

(BLAOW!) So fuck chronic

[Verse Three]

It's the deadly demonic, I'm playin hydroponic

That make a nigga and his man react, like they supersonic

It's the lyrical program murder assault area

Shake crack, shatters down barriers

[Verse Four: Prince Poetry]

Ghetto life in the form of a SCUD missile (hittin ya area)

Heat-seakin where are ya, infrared rays are starin ya

Down to wear out your movements in spirit and sound

True and living


[Verse Five: Prince Poetry]

We still remain rough rugged still strugglin jugglin bombs

Shovin in Tommy riddle times are troublin we still bubblin

The black magic without, magic wands, the bonds we on

Droppin mega jewels on third eyes like smart bombs

[Verse Six]

Now most kids can't figure the fudge, they can't deal with

my vertical liftoff, or poison progress

Attack future fighters laser light point dot is

hostile radar (and move on any invader)

[Verse Seven]

They're merkin, awkward shadows are clerkin

Lurkin from resistin in arrest, put in my 10, I'm workin

For the ultimate hurtin, my steel curtain

will block your entourage, sincerely, for certain

[Verse Eight]

So how you prove who you are? (Who you are?)

We got inidividuals, mentals mixed with visuals, subliminals

attributed to, love and understanding for my group

Bassline tragedies over mackadocious loops

Lackin the notions, motions granted we hopin

(And just copin to exist with lyrics that's like mist)

[Verse Nine: Pharoahe Monch]

Estabalition, cinco, seperate accounts, Swiss

Five individual rollos, ex..quisite isn't it

type riveting visiting us at the OK Corral

Pivoting on the axis of earth, we givin birth

to all new types of angles (all new types of angles)

Stranglin the President and burnin the star spangled

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