Organized Konfusion

Organized Konfusion - Thirteen lyrics

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Comin ahh  comin ahh
 I'm comin like a redneck trucker!
 Watch your back *screech* you can't steer it
 Face the bass; crumb you RUN when you hear it
 It's the most incredible rap individual style
 piles up  like drug cases in Queens
 Country Criminal Court  shorty  step back
 Nigga you oughta watch it  my whole herd's packin
 FUCK rappin  let's take it to the corner of the block
 and battle with the (techs) and the (glocks)
 But if you would like it to the stage and mic it
 C'mon dere, that's how I like it, UHH
 Hit me in the face why don't ya
 Prince Po will hunt ya and puncture your voodoo doll
 Pharoahe, I'm no slave to a rhythm I whip it
 Then I take it's name and change it's religion
 Then I chop the foot off the fuckin beat
 for trying to escape the track, now it's obsolete
 That's just the state of mind that I'm in when I...


 I, I used to play beats on the lunchroom table
 This it really enables me to stay stable inside of my MIND
 Thus allowing me to CLIMB and then SHINE
 This is a process that will occur in DUE TIME
 Bust, everything I thrust is activated
 Styles I file are not decaffinated, I'm rough
 Tougher than Tonka, why I even electrify the sky
 as if I was Blanka
 Kids follow me and my Phillies like Willy Wonka
 Silly, I assault and conquer, the cult and brainwash
 and squash your little minds with rhymes
 Rhymes that are rituals
 So I say motherfucker, bitch-ass and glock to spark brain cells
 Not to sell units, you know
 They say motherfucker, bitch-ass and glock
 for the periodical table of contents symbol AU
 Hey you, you can't deny when I bust caps the whole block scatters
 Scraps of matter shatter mad glass and what not
 Crazy medical attention is needed to make a cop stop bleedin
 Then I'm proceedin up the block with Prince Po, renegade
 Raps shatter shows like grenades
 I rip your shit like Sinead when I...


 Pa-pa-pa power power, AUGH, I got the power
 Gimme a pen and a pad I'll be back in an hour
 with some more fat shit, I tell your empty mind
 Teachin I'm kickin the poor black shit now
 La-Di-Da, I flip it La-Di
 Live at a Mardi Gras, or even at a party
 Give me Bacardi (hah) I smoke blunts
 Stunts I wanna hump, chumps I wanna pump em full of *BLAM*
 I never ask the crowd to "Jump"
 I kick a rhyme, that ask-es you to use your mind
 Flippin it for the masses, kickin a lot of asses
 The M-O-N-C-H-E I drink, forties of brew
 with the crew that rolls deeper than the Mediterranean
 Flowin on my head like a memory, now I got energy
 That's for the enemies, that's in the industry
 who don't wanna be friends with me, I say fuck em
 Suck my dick, from the back
 with a crazy straw, you lazy whore
 Do that shit to make a dick expand but whatcha did
 No chief, no heads
 Mooley, what am I an asshole?

 [Prince Poetry]
 What am I?... AHH! UHH! MMM, HAH
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Hollywood BASIC


Released in: 1994

Language: English

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