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Organized Konfusion - The Rough Side Of Town South Side lyrics

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A kid got stuck  for a buck under the trussle
 Died with pride  he thought he had a big heart muscle
 He fought back  but the attack was brutal
 Futile to his survival and the event that his crew will
 seek revenge on the assailants who rushed him
 They crushed him  snuffed the life all out of his body
 He had friends a Benz with rims by Gotti
 Guys wanted to beat him, girls wanted to greet him
 Kids wanted to be him when they saw him in the Coliseum
 Lots of cash hoppin fast on the Avenue
 Pump up your system loud, and he'll laugh at you
 Cause under the Tec is a gooseneck
 and a Glock 9, when he stops at the light
 Pumpin rides into the top in ...

 South Side (repeat 10X)

 I grew up on the rough side of town, kids play stick-up
 Playing the game of survival going Uptown to pick up
 Supportin the taste, with leathers and bamboos and black Timbs
 Benz parked, at the curb while puffin herb (word)
 Cruisin, one-six-oh, with the lean
 sportin BV's on the Beamer with the Italian wintergreen interior
 while the Alpine pump, you get open
 Hoppin hopin to catch them all open, girls scopin as you unlock
 Now you gotta go gotta go
 Hoppin down Merit to get back to the four-oh
 Back in the days Queens never got props
 but South Side had citywide respect plus knockouts
 Forty, Baisley, Suptin, Merit
 Queens wack step back I don't wanna hear it I'm from

 South Side (16X, scratching intermixed)

 Projectiles are fittin, inside of a clip and
 personally there's no particular name that's written
 on the side of a slug, damn it's bugged
 when pretty women begin to bend over a drug
 She used to be the type of girl that was flashy
 Now the scars from the concrete make her knees look ashy

 Cops constantly stay on high speed chases
 Trying to remember faces from previous arrest cases
 Bulletproof vest is the hottest items to invest in
 shots fired one was hit with the hollow-tip and it caved his chest in
 Kids are gathered around him coffin quiet
 Softly they're standin cause there's baby left as an orphan
 Cause the life of an illegal entrepeneur
 is more than a rag-a-ma-jaga a Scorpio buy my cure

 South Side (repeat 4X)

 Your man wants to get rid of ya
 Cause now you're the number one neighborhood pharmeceutical distributor
 How could you ever expect this
 from your man that he would plant product inside of your Lexus
 Today you're having lunch with a cutie
 You gotta hunch you're the type of brother that's moody
 So instead you drive a sterling, lime green
 to match the colors inside of your eightball sherling
 So today he escapes fate, to live another day
 to pick up scale weight inside of a ghetto

 Inside of the ghetto, cars gather together
 Gettin ready to hop, under the summer weather
 Armor All glistenin in the sun, it's four cars
 and they're each two deep, but you still find it necessary to carry a gun
 Hoppin to the beach, with a Jeep
 full of chinese cut broads passin by perpetrators
 perpetratin frauds, you're on the beach, playin cards
 Thinkin about, pickin up a convertible Saab
 As the sun sets, you all jet inside of the ride
 But your mentality flips, cause you gotta get back to the

 South Side (repeat 16X
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