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Let the trigger finger put the pressure to the mechanism
 Which gives a response  for the automatic *bang*
 Clip to release projectiles in single
 file forcing me to ignite then travel
 through the barrel  headed for the light
 At the end of a tunnel  with no specific target in sight
 Slow the flow like H2O water
 Visualize  the scene of a homicide  a slaughter
 No remorse for the course I take when you pull it
 The result's a stray bullet
 Niggaz who knew hit the ground runnin and stay down
 Except for the kids who played on the playground
 Cause for some little girl she'll never see
 more than six years of life, trif-le-ing
 When she fell from the seesaw
 But umm wait, my course isn't over
 Fled out of the other side of her head towards
 a red, Range, Rover, then I ricochet
 Fast past a brother's ass, oh damn, what that nigga say
 "Aww fuck it", next target's Margaret's face *bang*
 and I struck it
 Now it's a flood of blood in circumfrence to her face
 and an abundance of brains all over the street
 Shame how we had to meet *bang*
 Dashin, buckin, greet by fuckin family
 They follow behind me in a orderly fashion
 Bashin through flesh I'm wild
 Crashin through the doors of projects hallways
 to deflect off of the tile
 I'm coming for you little girl
 Once inside I shatter your world
 Swirl, no more dreams no hopes when I spray
 You better pray, to the Pope or the Vatican
 Before I go rat-tat-a-tat again
 I'm mad again brother somebody's mother will be sad again
 but, whose blue skies will turn grey
 from the attack, of the Mac-11, I'm a stray, bullet

 [Nobody seen shit, nobody heard it -- 4X]

 Verse Two: Prince Poetry

 Gun balls of fire, I'm travelling at higher speeds
 to proceed to penetrate flesh, hitting the splint
 after splitting the chest of a Queens fiend
 Age of pagers shredded to pieces from the Glock 9
 and it's hollow tips, it releases the polices
 in back of the ambulance
 Blood loss as I shift across your chest
 Arrest, rupture, I mess up ya, slasher
 shall I bust ya liver, faster, blood pours *bang*
 Now it's up to the master, boom, as I crash open the doors
 Thank me for spraying the operating room
 The body still consumes me, doc had to remove me
 Mmm lord, why do they use me? *bang*
 I'm takin individual for keeps Hobbes
 so peep the cops, in the ghetto bustin shots for props
 And when I hit, shit *bang bang bang bang*
 Soon you forgets-me-not
 Cops tried to explain to his pops what I done
 I flip up the hollow tipper and I'm not the one
 And as a human I'm the surprising one
 Prince Po I flow the ripper, either way
 you never, ever know how I'm coming
 Metamorphasizing, rising in turbulence
 Condensed into a bullet, pull it, now I'm making moves
 With no sympathizing, uhh, so take a hit nigga, sprint *bang*
 Onto the scenario, I'm at a party with O
 A lot of honies parlay and the DJ's playin the Fudge Pudge flow
 Five niggaz come up in the club for a rub
 [Yo O peep it, oh shit O duck (oh shit!, oh shit!)
 *pop pop pop pop pop* *woman screams*]
 Another hit, another struck
 Here comes Mr. Stray Bullet
 Five, the tip, getting my jollies from the screams of the ripped
 in your chest, then I flip
 Nip your liver, blood flowin like a river
 Money starts to shiver then I give a delivery of burns
 Bruises fake shoes is your renaissance
 No response your moms is out cold
 Figure I'm bigger takin your heart nigga at twenty years old
 Stray Bullet
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Hollywood BASIC


Released in: 1994

Language: English

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