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Somehow  Someway
 We be comin up wit funky fly shit
 Like Every single day

 [Prince Poetry]
 Check it
 Intelligent wordz  iz colaz
 Inside of this rap visual  liquid dye
 Focus  clistion unlike baptism
 I bless souls thru the worldz second religion
 From the left With angles to enlarge the prizm
 Prince Po  I  out of the south side slums
 Claimin spots around all these hypo critical tongues
 Repeatin tha same topic, misleadin the sea topic
 Wit 2 yearz outta da picture
 I still rock it and rock well
 A level that my stiggy gets you gel (what)
 I strickly international ghetoo, clientel
 Freaky like James Bond, wit infra-red views inject propellin
 Was a 7, my steps, and wit da few
 I make power jewels, drop jewelz, wit da crewz
 Inside a, outta da eyez of god can't lose
 batter and bruise crewz
 and let the heat spark, the feuls
 Got ya boyz cryin while youre stretched out in front of da church fews
 Foolz hit da dance floor, to shake shoes
 Intect ya like a hip hop monsta who sucks Oooohhhs
 Outta da power that I used that I used ta sock prower
 Want more, I stick ya butt naked and raw


 [Pharoahe Monch]
 Only inches beyond my eyez, lord hail out the soul
 Of a nigga who fights the lyrical which's inside himself
 Pharoahe, egar to see febal intermediate MCs
 Immediately, to leaded, repeatiatly
 Y'all know the unpresidented without herb
 every single word'll be verbally demented
 Presented, so that when it desinigrates
 unsentaments, are meninetated
 Standin aloneit gets you tinimented
 It's it bug how I bust lyrical slugs
 And thugs that mug niggaz for loot and sell drugz
 When the band gets struck, by thesis
 I'm only rollin wit da most superior Profile, to my species, see my thesis
 Release these bombz by all meanz
 Yes, attack the mic rapz until itz a crack fiend
 Mase the bass with aids and misplaced the vaccine
 Pharoahe pullin out on the pole
 To compare cause ??? wit scriptures that I wrote and know
 My physical form iz like Nam and sane like Sadaam Hussein buit still calm

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Author: Pharoahe Monch, Prince Po

Composer: ?

Publisher: Nasty Habits Music


Released in: 1997

Language: English

Appearing on: The Equinox (1997)

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