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Yeah yeah yeah  alright  alright

 [Prince Poetry]
 Running upon the jagged edge  FUCK  THE ROUGH LIFE
 when you have to gain much respect
 As an individual keepin negativity minimum
 requires havin courage respect him his intellect
 so you gotta be on THAT specific type of SET
 Like Roosevelt  especially when your cards are dealt
 You see me, frankly, I don't give a hoot
 about the blanks you shoot out of your mental bank see
 I like Roosevelt, cause he ain't booty
 Moody maybe, baby you're mad cause he smashed up your cutie
 Playin the courts, takin the loss, to wherever
 some clever college edu-ma-cated individual
 With financial status JUST to mess what the BANK stated
 Girls love it, and you can't look above it you hate it
 Peeped his method, you laid, you waited
 You never ever contemplated if I pull a automatic
 will I leave the artillery out or just flight
 Check in the night, you're out to snipe, my man
 you can't stand upon sight of him
 Out to fatally ignite him
 Roosevelt felt staticky, he knew things were shady
 Grady had, Bradley's uzi, but he always packed a clip or two
 belongin to a nickel-plated .380
 Givin off the impression of a clever nerd
 Never was a suspect when a homicide occured, in the suburbs
 He was referred, to as a respectable intellectual
 Highly acceptable rebel from the ghetto on the level
 of an intelligent rapper, create him just like Giupetto
 The aggresive type, and he's not your puppet
 Stickin quickin enough to pull a skeezer with repetition
 after takin aim and buckin and blowin the smoke away
 then tuckin and jettin home, hopin that no stunts are stuck in it
 He needs sleep, for eight o'clock class
 so as fast as he crash, he might last
 for six hours of bed passed, cause Roosevelt's a scholar
 Ivy league material, cully-head kid with BRAINPOWER
 Six foot two, and we wear the same size shoe
 He drinks brew, and he runs with my crew, my herd
 on a continuous basis, in the same, places
 Rollin out five deep, but it's only four faces
 So I don't, give a two, drip-drops about, what those have felt
 And if I die (and if he die) and if I die (and if he DIEEEEEEEE)
 And if I die it's because of my man Roosevelt

 Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Roosevelt Franklin
 Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Roosevelt Franklin, Roosevelt Franklin
 Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Roosevelt Franklin
 Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Roosevelt Franklin, Roosevelt Franklin

 [Pharoahe Monch]
 Ooooooooooooh I'm so confuuuuuuuuused.. DAMN, IT HURTS!
 People persist to treat me like dirt
 I don't sleep at night, time cause dimes I DON'T DROP
 I sling and clockers cease
 Commanders in Chiefs when I pop rocks
 Dig deep within, you might recognize me
 I'm the one with the bloodshot eyes
 Hot rays of sun, beat down upon my face as if I'll melt bacon
 Why the hell my mother named me Roosevelt Franklin?
 I .. don't .. know, so I strive to gain
 only the Lord knows my eyes have seen the pain
 Tears comin down my cheeks like rain
 I was abused, they stripped the mind for amusement
 Now I walk the path of ORGANIZED KONFUSION
 But it's only a temporary formality
 Cause my man Scott turns illusion into reality
 A loaf of bread (a loaf of bread), a stick of butter
 Somebody's mother lies, dead in the gutter
 So I move QUICK FAST, to get past quickly
 Swiftly, at last, cops can't get WITH ME
 Can't hit me, nah never I'm TOO NIFTY, people SHITTIN ME
 Products in the projects so I pump FIFTIES
 in soda cans so dogs won't SNIFF ME
 I'm takin the proper precautions (yeah)
 Cause once my mother told me she was gonna get an abortion
 I can't keep track.. of the fluctuation.. of time
 Hallucinogenics keep, abusin my mind
 Gotta pick up, gotta pick up, gotta pick up, gotta pick up
 more product, gotta move, gotta go I can't get stuck; not here
 Not if I wanna become Roosevelt Franklin the employee of the year
 I wear baseball caps over my eyes so you can't make out
 me at night when I'm standin on the corner eatin Chinese takeout
 .. damn I almost forgot, yo yo I have to break out

 Yo don't forget your moms told you to get that stuff
 A loaf of bread, a stick of butter, container of milk
 A loaf of bread (a loaf of bread) a stick of butter
 (stick of butter), umm.. container of milk (container of milk
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Author: Pharoahe Monch, Prince Po

Composer: ?

Publisher: Hollywood BASIC


Released in: 1991

Language: English

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