Organized Konfusion

Organized Konfusion - Questions lyrics

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Yo  yo  yo  yo Pharoahe

 Pharoahe Monch:
 Right  right

 Prince Poetry:
 Brotha why don't you explain
 how hip hop got caught up in this ill rap game

 Pharoahe Monch:
 Yo  I got a question
 who they followin
 the niggas with skills
 or them niggas that be hollerin

 Prince Poetry:
 them niggas that be hollerin
 these other two modelin
 niggas with skills
 always and forever keeps a followin

 Pharoahe Monch:
 swallowin pride
 never we be imperialistic
 who rips shit
 without being materialistic
 statistics show

 Prince Poetry:
 ask miss she know

 just cause the niggas got doe
 don't mean they got that flow

 Prince Poetry & Pharoahe Monch:
 right, just cause the niggas got doe
 don't mean they got that flow

 Prince Poetry:
 what, nigga you can consider it the bomb
 if i spit on it
 get on it
 ride for a little bit
 feel how your inner get
 from internet
 vibes that I'm sendin it
 now your soul bubblin' brown sugar so you remember it
 crash course for illiterate
 from ???? to heavenly

 now some pop some shit
 but labels get the big shit from sales

 45 projects
 keepin it naughty like treach
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Author: Pharoahe Monch, Prince Po

Composer: ?

Publisher: Nasty Habits Music


Released in: 1997

Language: English

Appearing on: The Equinox (1997)

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