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Spark that L!

[Intro/Chorus: x2]

We keep it koming

We keep it koming, huh

We keep it koming Spark that L!

We keep it koming, uhh

And when it's time to Organize

We stick together through the times

With the attitude like Miles

We keep it koming

[Verse One: Prince Poetry]

I be flipping the scripts, ripping through hoods coming equipped

Lifts out of my lyrics sippin forties in a whip

Organized, rise raise up the level surprise!

Niggaz watch Prince, open your eyes when I deliver

give a honeydip a wink, thick chocolate bitch

Switch up the pace, kick me the digits later you can taste

the bass thumps for months, entrapped in the lab

with mad blunts, creating formulas that you can grab

I escape, the clutches of wackness, I'm like a mattress

Lay it down for the South Side, Sounds of Blackness

Uh, ohhh, I keep it koming stunning you're running

through states, to make pace gunning you down with the drumming

that rakes, in the dough

Oh, my God, times are hard so I gotta flow

Spark up the L, I excel over the stress

Crushing the competition that I stomp from East to West

Rest assured we will deliver the goods to the 'hoods

for the youth, this is proof we should

well, Organize got the bomb hard to stay calm

Forming like Voltron and then attacking at dawn


[Verse Two: Pharoahe Monch]

When I'm fed up, I hold my head instead of me teasing

Yo ooh ooh child, things are gonna get easier

In my mind and in my soul

I can take control of a beat whenever I roll

Stroll up the block, 40-dog cocked back

in my knapsack is a uzi-wop, BLACK WHASSUP!

Spreading like malaria, but much scarier

Migrating in the whole tri-state area

Without a doubt, my niggaz never go out

They rock, braids and fades and baldies

and blow up and blew out throughout

the entire night I'm peepin you and 

your entire crew out -- what's that all about!

I suppose I be steppin to hoes when

I'm masking overconfidence, cause I know my new shit

is gonna go platinum, I'm mathin em

Light skin ones inside of a Maxima

On a passenger side, this is what I'm asking her

Hey baby you look so good

Why you driving through our neighborhood?

If raps I wrote were cookies, I bet you'd bite a chip

rookie fetch a product, cause it took a long time to ignite

a fucking style from the end, back to the beginning

Niggaz is winning, Prince, niggaz is winning

Keep the fat drumming running up your back

black, with stacks of facts for the tracks

that you can react to

[Chorus 1/2]

[Verse Three:]

We be the bread and butter making breaking crown facts around back

Cracking gunner sound heart starts to stutter when the bass

pounds butter, like this

Rumbling CD crispy, no hiss

Rush you like Russell, make you flip like Knipsie

Wilson negative but can't see, but maybe one

Organized take the favor rated is my tip

To keep my peers motivated with funk, only we rip see

For years tears shed it but never let it

mislead a nigga figure that I'd be runnin dogs you know



Yeah, uhh

Check it out

Extreme phat, with the Pharoahe Monch cheeba cheeba

Mr. Prince Po will flow...
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