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Organized Konfusion - Confrontations lyrics

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[21 seconds of conversation to open the song]

[Prince Poetry]

Yo grip, you got your eyes fixed on me like as if a bitch

caught me in a glitch reachin at cases no beef just fish

Straight pitch, what the fuck is the problem?  You and your man

[Pharoahe Monch]

Yo move back, y'all rap niggaz take this shit too far

I'm like an ox, brother my box-cutter leavin a scar

All my peoples are connected

That shit y'all spit on records is infected and dead

You'll get injected with lead

Ain't no need for me to sweat no man, my crew makes stacks

You just be black and ass nigga plus your records is whack

You'll get fucked up (I'll get fucked up?  Nah I don't think so money..)

[Prince Poetry (Pharoahe)]

Violatin my 360, his niggaz started revolvin

That problem needed quick solvin so we started to brawlin

(Combinations of haymakers deleted all of the stallin)

Callin for nobody, determined just to keep these niggaz fallin

(To the big man's ribs) after a left to his jibs

Him and his man transform into these six rowdy-ass kids

[Pharoahe Monch]

I never went since Prince struck first, bitches dispersed towards the corner

Too many enemies for me to overpower

I wanna at, least take one nigga down with me

If I have to go out, I'm goin scrappin no doubt

First nigga up to bat gets bent (bent) pinned (pinned)

Immediately, up against the wall (ha) him (him)

Wig pushed back, thumb to windpipe

Reacts numb his whole face contorts when eyeballs contract

[Chorus: Prince Poetry (Pharoahe Monch)]

When shit comes down to it, no hesitation

Actions speaks louder than words in all situations

Do what we gotta do, set it off, let it loose

Fuck it, we ready for confrontation

(When shit comes down to it, no hesitation)

(Actions speaks louder than words in all situations)

(Do what we gotta do, set it off, let it loose)

(Fuck it, self-preservation)

[Prince Poetry]

I can't believe these whack rap niggaz is swingin on me

The dark-skinnned kid caught me in the eye now I'ma bring it to G

I square him up while Chuck tries to trip him, fuck he's too fast

Over the top, duck, champagne and the glass struck

Now Moet's all over the floor and I'm slidin through it

Pharoahe I got your back, splittin him, exposin bodily fluid

From fraudulent foes, with points to prove, and no holds barred

Raw dog like out in the yard

[Pharoahe Monch (Prince Poetry)]

I'm peepin out how their security maneuvered and selected

in multiples of 3 random niggaz end the beef to be ejected

Collected my thoughts, connected with members of medicine men

Who explained to me that DT's got the block locked seized

They wouldn't let us in

Sighed, slide to the midstream, plus swallow your pride

(This is the second time swine, one-time, had to spoil it)

Pull the lids on the commode and drop the glocks inside the toilet

If we, move swiftly, we just might make it

If the opportunity arise to bounce, let's take it

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