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Night Ranger - Restless Kind lyrics

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Off on your own

It's a lonely ride

Seeing the things

Only seen thru your eyes

Pick yourself up

Gonna try it again

Knowing that this time

You're reaching the end

A voice inside

Made me feel that I can fly

And you'll be there by my side



We're the restless kind

Lay your broken dreams upon the road

And we will ride

With the restless kind

In the morning light

See the tears, the joy fall from your eyes

And we will ride

We're the restless kind

Rolling down the road

With the wind in your hair

And maybe we're searching

For something we can share

One heart, one soul

Hold a mountain of dreams

The circle's unbroken

And rough around the seams

So don't you fear, my friend

You know I'll love you till the end

And I'll be there by your side forever


Yes, I know

How the world can fall upon you

And take you down, down, down

And make you feel like you're hollow inside

Do you understand

I will light the candle

And guide your soul

Down the highway

And give you faith in the world


Oh whoa, oh whoa

Lay your dreams upon the line

Oh whoa, oh whoa

We're the restless kind

Oh whoa, oh whoa

See the tears, the joy

Oh whoa (x6)
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