Nada Surf

Nada Surf - Bacardi

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drunk on bacardi and listening
to the voices that lie to you nightly,
make you frightened of everyone,
make you sorry for something.
you go home and spend your life alone with the stereo,
watching the late show; or force yourself
out in the night to meet your generation.
you feel like claymation in fluorescent light.

on our knees, we made it hard to see,
we made it hard to breathe and the air was thin
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Author: Nada Surf

Composer: Nada Surf

Publisher: Elektra Entertainment Group, WEA International Inc., National Geographic Society


Released in: 2008

Language: English

Appearing on: The Proximity Effect (reissue) (2000) , The Proximity Effect (1998) , Live in Brussels (2004)

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