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Nada Surf - Amateur

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now i can sit, not run away stupidly laughing
wipe out all self-pity, it's slowing me down
turn off feeling pretty, dressing up dressing down.
i walk around the city out of my way, looking for something
i've got all that i need to save my day, so why'm i running?
you said i should get professional help, it always makes me cry.
i know i'm just an amateur, but i've gotta try.
i had a birthday party and it was packed, got friends who love me
we hung a disco ball up and watched the lights, they were so lovely
when exactly are we? i get the decades mixed up.
i like the streets when they're empty, i can make the rest up.
every day is new year's eve, every night is the last night.
every day is new year's eve, every time is the last time
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Author: Daniel Lorca, Ira Elliot, Matthew Caws

Composer: Nada Surf

Publisher: Nada Surf Records


Released in: 2008

Language: English

Appearing on: The Proximity Effect (reissue) (2000) , The Proximity Effect (1998) , Live in Brussels (2004)

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