Mylène Farmer

Mylène Farmer - Histoires de

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Published by: Stuffed Monkey

Published in: 2020

Release type: Full CD

Disc 1
  • Libertine (N°5 On Tour Live) (Submit)
  • Sans logique (Live 2019) (Submit)
  • Sans contrefaçon (N°5 On Tour Live) (Submit)
  • Ainsi soit je... (N°5 On Tour Live) (Submit)
  • Pourvu qu'elles soient douces (Live 2019) (Submit)
  • Je t'aime mélancolie (Timeless 2013 Live) (Submit)
  • Regrets (Mylenium Tour Live) (Submit)
  • Désenchantée (Timeless 2013 Live) (Submit)
  • Beyond My Control (Mylenium Tour Live) (Submit)
  • XXL (Avant que l'ombre... À Bercy Live) (Submit)
  • California (Avant que l'ombre... À Bercy Live) (Submit)
  • Rêver (N°5 On Tour Live) (Submit)
  • Comme j'ai mal (Timeless 2013 Live) (Submit)
  • L'instant X (Stade de France Live) (Submit)
  • Mylène Farmer feat. Gary Jules - Mad World (Timeless 2013 Live) (Submit)
  • Diabolique mon ange (Timeless 2013 Live) (Submit)
Disc 2
Disc 3
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