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Mos Def - Mathematics

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Booka booka booka booka booka booka
 Ha hah
 You know the deal
 It's just me yo
 Beats by Su Primo for all of my peoples  negroes and latinos
 and even the gringos

 Yo  check it one for Charlie Hustle  two for Steady Rock
 Three for the fourth comin live  future shock
 It's five dimensions  six senses
 Seven firmaments of heaven to hell  8 Million Stories to tell
 Nine planets faithfully keep in orbit
 with the probable tenth, the universe expands length
 The body of my text posess extra strength
 Power-liftin powerless up, out of this, towerin inferno
 My ink so hot it burn through the journal
 I'm blacker than midnight on Broadway and Myrtle
 Hip-Hop past all your tall social hurdles
 like the nationwide projects, prison-industry complex
 Broken glass wall better keep your alarm set
 Streets too loud to ever hear freedom sing
 Say evacuate your sleep, it's dangerous to dream
 but you chain cats get they CHA-POW, who dead now
 Killin fields need blood to graze the cash cow
 It's a number game, but shit don't add up somehow
 Like I got, sixteen to thirty-two bars to rock it
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Author: Chris Martin (6), Dante Smith

Composer: ?

Publisher: Rawkus Records


Released in: 1999

Language: English

Appearing on: Black on Both Sides (1999)

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