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Mike Pinder - I Only Want To Love You lyrics

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Who held the key to your hearts
Now I know, through places I travelled
OUr love's unraveled a chart...

In my life I've waited...
For a chance to really make it...
Something written into my starats.
Past lives that I've lived only lead up to a gift
Of speaking out my thoughts in my songs.

I only want to love you
I only want to care
I'd like a friend to talk to
My feelings are to share my life with someone.
I hope it's you and that you'll care

Our imagination is a secret of creation
Given to us right at the start,
and our destination is reaching for salvation.
Fromhe city streets we've outgrown.


I only want to love you
So will you play this song again...
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Threshold Records Ltd.


Released in: 1976

Language: English

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