Michael Lane

Michael Lane - Fire in the Night

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were gonna hit the road jack
get lost where the trees grow tall
i hear the wolf and the eagle callin
far away from the city
so we can see all the stars in the sky
not a worry in the world tonight

keep the campfire burnin
if your feelin lost dont know where to go
look into the flame feel your heart beat slow
 dont be afraid
 the spirit of the earth is lookin out for you 

feel the wind 
feel the wind
blowin over my skin
take a breath
close my eyes
feel the love 
deep inside
of my heart
and my soul
is where i wanna go
see the truth 
see the light
im the fire in the night

its been way too long
go down to the river and cleanse my mind
take a deep breathe im feelin fine
i can hear the song
that the birds start singin when they see the light
watch the sun break over the mountain side

so beautiful
like a fractal into infinity
all the clouds in the sky lookin back at me
spread my wings and fly
and im free fallin.
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