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Michael Card - The Unveiling lyrics

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Hear the roaring at the rim of the world 
See what every eye shall see 
Behold He's coming with the clouds 
Setting all the captives free 
And those who longed to see this day 
Will tremble with delight 
As a sea of upturned faces there 
Is bathed in endless light 
I am the Alpha and the Omega 
The One who is and was and is to come 
Though I was dead, now I'm alive forever 
Don't be afraid 
I hold the keys 
And I have come 
Once the just and gentle Victim 
Who is seemed was born to die 
See Him now, a blaze of glory 
As He moves across the sky 
And that majestic silhouette 
Who's come to take His bride 
Still bears the healing wounds 
Upon His hands and feet and side 
The great unveiling of our hope 
The promised Jubilee 
The revelation of our God 
It's all we longed to see
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