Metallica - Reload

Metallica - Reload

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Published by: Elektra, Vertigo

Published in: 1997

Release type: Full CD

About this Album:

This album is not actually the character of Metallica.It's nothing to do with the past trash metal they used to play. It's more sensitive, alternative, house music.I think this is the most valueable part of metallica perfect for radio as they have clean melodies and worthear solos for the most anti-metal. However this is not their best part in concert.Their old albums are better in concerts as they are ''stronger''. This album isnot better than Load.

Some of their songs in the album remind the old good days of Puppets like Bad Seed or The Memory Remains.

The Tracks and Rate (10):

  1. Fuel (9)

  2. The Memory Remains (10) The best in the album

  3. Devil's Dance (8.5)

  4. The Unforgiven 2 (10)

  5. Better than you (8)

  6. Slither (7.5)

  7. Carpe Diem Baby (7)

  8. Bad Seed (9)

  9. Where the wild things are (8)

  10. Prince Charming (10)

  11. Low Man's Lyric (9) Solo??

  12. Attitude (8.5)

  13. Fixxxer (9) Big Track

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